Lidian Imported Silver iPhone 7 Case, Back Cover

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استراتيجية عطلة نهاية الأسبوع الخيارات الثن Soft Silver Fashion case for Iphone 7 . It is very soft and Light weight back cover With Shiny silver adorable look. It is completely One of the Stunning Product of Lidian Brand.

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Description Lidian Imported Silver iPhone 7 Case, Back Cover

see url click here Case Details- Buy Iphone 7 lidian Brand Imported case. It is a silver case with a sobur evergreen Look and Material. It is a fashionable back cover with huge demand. It has transparent Sides with Curved Smooth Edges. It is dust and shock absorbent case. It Gives stunning look to your precious Iphone 7 case. This case is complete value for money.

Suitable For Iphone 7 Dust and Shock Resistant
Fashionable case
Soft case
Precise card Holes
Anti Fingeprint

speed dating limerick 2018 Color- Silver
Condition- Brand new
Material- Soft Rubber


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